Travel/ Zika


In most cases, travel is not ruled out during pregnancy. Travel, either by car or plane, will not cause problems with the pregnancy. However, if a pregnancy complication arises, it is important to have access to medical care. The best time to travel is mid-pregnancy (14 to 24 weeks).

Prior to 14 weeks nausea, vomiting, and fatigue are common. Also, the risk of miscarriage is highest prior to 14 weeks.

After 24 weeks, your baby is “viable.” This means that, in the rare chance your baby is delivered early, it has the potential to survive. Some of this potential depends upon what type of medical care the baby receives. You and your baby may not be able to receive the same medical care in your travel destination (especially if you are traveling outside the United States) as you will receive at Presbyterian Dallas Hospital.

Please note:

If you plan to travel after 24 weeks, please notify us. We may recommend (depending on your gestational age and your destination) an examination, sonogram, or other testing prior to your departure.

ZIKA Virus


Please inform us if you have experiences these symptoms, especially if you have travelled to a high-risk area.

Prevent Zika while traveling:

For more information:

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