1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test

Gestational diabetes is a condition of pregnancy in which the mother’s body acts diabetic only during her pregnancy. Identifying the disease will reduce the risk to both mother and child.

A blood screening test is available to help identify those patients who have developed gestational diabetes. The test will be performed at approximately 28 weeks gestation on all pregnant patients. Those patients whose screening test comes back abnormally high will then need a 3-hour glucose test.

In order to achieve accurate results, drink the complete bottle of glucose in no more than ten minutes and be in the laboratory having your blood drawn exactly one hour later. You should do this test just before your 28 week appointment with Dr. Fogwell.

You will not need an appointment in the laboratory. Please be sure to take your test requisition with you to assure the correct test is performed. We suggest having your blood drawn approximately fifteen to twenty minutes prior to your appointment time with Dr. Fogwell.

The test results will be available at your next appointment. Only those patients with abnormal test results will be notified by telephone.

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